#voyage GB/Wales 3

Day 3
Wednesday, 28 March
Rainy day today, hello England !
As the sky was raining, we took the bus in order to get to Bristol where we had a few things to do. The journey from the meeting point to Bristol was around one hour and thirty minutes.
It was quite long because of the traffic jam and the bad weather but thankfully our kind driver lightened up the mood by making jokes !We eventually arrived and split up into two groups. One had to do the graffiti activity in a first place while the others had to do the visit and the discovery of the street art in Bristol.
We quickly arrived in a small basement, narrow and dark where chairs, canvas, spray cans and pens had been prepared for us. A man explained to us how we had to use them and how we had to paint, we learnt new things. As a result, we were then able to make some masterpieces that we kept and it was entertaining for everybody, the students but the teachers as well.

Once we finished this activity, the other group took our place and we took theirs : we went outside and followed a woman who told us interesting things about street-art, tags and graffiti which are, by the way, totally different. She took us in the streets and showed us some street-art masterpieces in Bristol with her explanations on each. It was really interesting as it was totally new to some of us.

After this, we ate and we followed our teachers who took us to Stokes Croft. It is an area with a lot of graffiti in the street, almost all the walls have at least 3 or 4 paintings on them, really impressive!

Finally, we had some free time so everyone went with their friends and had a good time enjoying the city and its shops.

After that we all regrouped, took a group picture then went back onto our beloved bus.

Mercredi 28 mars 2018,
Les quarante-neuf élèves et les quatre professeurs du lycée Saint-Exupery qui étaient en Angleterre sont allés dans une grande ville, Bristol.
Ces élèves et moi-même avons eu la chance de faire un atelier graffitis puis nous sommes allés visiter la ville avec un guide qui nous a donné des informations et des explications sur le « street art » de cette grande ville, Bristol.

L’après-midi, nous avons eu quartier-libre. Avec mon groupe, nous avons décidé de faire les boutiques puis de manger des beignets.

Dans le bus pour retourner chez nos familles d’accueil, tous les élèves et les professeurs ont chanté ainsi que notre formidable chauffeur.

Ornella Guiliani & Laura Dioclès

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